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Will Writing

Put your wishes in writing and take care of everything that you care about.  Making a Will is an essential part of planning ahead. It allows you to specify who should inherit your home, money and possessions. A professionally drafted Will with the Will Partners can save your loved ones unnecessary delays and fees. We offer simple basic Wills, both on a Single basis and Mirror Wills for couples who have similar wishes.   


Without a Will there is a set of rules known as "Intestate" which will have to be followed to determine exactly who can inherit. This process would restrict/limit family and even spouses of their inheritance, cause stress and worry for the family and make the process of administering your estate more difficult and expensive.

One of our experienced consultants will visit you in the comfort of your own home and discuss your wishes and the options available with you over a cup of tea.


If your Will gets lost, stolen, damaged or tampered with, it will become invalid.  It's important that it's kept somewhere safe. If required, we do offer FREE storage facilities in a fireproof strongroom.

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