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Legal Consultant


With our "Free Will Review Service" one of our experienced consultants will visit you in the comfort of your own home and give an expert opinion on your existing Wills, without charge. Some of the questions and problems we continue to find when helping clients with old and existing Wills include:

  • Has your existing Will been signed, dated and witnessed correctly? If not, it may not be legally binding. 

  • Are there any changes in your situation, your family, relationships, finances or your wishes?

  • Who exactly are the noted executors and people in control of your existing Will? Most of our clients prefer to use close family to be in control of their Will.   

  • Where is the original copy of your Will? The probate office will not accept a photocopy under any circumstances. Only the original Will is valid for this purpose.


It is advisable to review your Will at least every five years and here at The Will Partners we are happy to offer our expertise without obligation.         

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