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Legal Consultant


Probate is the legal process to establish ownership of an estate, before any distribution is normally made. This responsibility lies directly with the executors of a Will and can be a difficult, lengthy and stressful process, usually taking at least 6 months. Here at The Will Partners, we offer a probate service which saves your family money, time and hassle, at what is normally a very difficult time.

Our Services Include:

  • Take on responsibility of the executors.

  • Cover any potential liabilities of the executors.

  • Apply for a Grant of representation from the probate Court.

  • Gather and value all of the assets.

  • Identify any beneficiaries.

  • Handle the sale of any property.

  • Pay any taxes that are due on the estate.

  • Distribute the assets to the beneficiaries.

  • Produce accounts.

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