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Top Ten Tips of What to Include in Your Will

writing a will

When writing a will with one of our consultants from The Will Partners, we will advise you on what you should include in your will. However, before a free consultation in the comfort of your own home, we advise our clients to consider what they would like to include in their will. In order to make it easier for you, here is a handy checklist.

  1. Choose who you want to act as your Executors and Trustees. An executor is who you wish to enact your wishes after you die. A Trustee is someone who manages your trust (and its assets), which we recommend you do when setting up a will with us. These could be the same or different people, depending on what is in your will.

  2. Decide who you want to name as beneficiaries and what they are to inherit. Maybe write out a list of your assets in advance to give it more consideration. When we come and visit, we can talk through this with you and maybe suggest some areas that you haven't thought of. Plus, if you have any pets, these are an important consideration.

  3. If you have children who should be their guardians? It's something we don't want to consider, but it will take a weight off your mind to know that your children will be provided for, if you die. We would advise having the conversation with your chosen guardians in advance of our meeting, just in case they say no.

  4. Plan for the cost of care. Care home costs can eat away at an inheritance, so talk to us about how setting up a trust can protect your assets.

  5. Have full control of our assets and personal effects. By specifying who is to receive what, when and how, you are in control even if you are no longer alive.

  6. Have the funeral that is right for you. You can include your funeral wishes in your will. This can also take away the stress from your family at such a difficult time.

  7. Do you wish to donate your organs? You can outline organ donation preferences in your will, but if you don't wish to donate, you should also ensure that you have opted out of the organ donation scheme.

  8. Support a charity of your choice. You can leave a portion of your inheritance to a charity that is close to your heart.

  9. Help to maintain family harmony. Leaving a will ensures that it is clear that all your family members know what they are receiving, and you can hope to reduce family arguments and tension.

  10. Not everyone needs to be in your will. It is your choice who inherits what in your will and you can choose to leave people out of the will too.

Whatever your plans are, the most important thing is that you have a will that reflects your wishes, the worst thing is to die intestate. So please contact us today to arrange a free consultation in the comfort of your home and maybe with a lovely cup of tea too.


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